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Health for Me is a new web-based service brought to
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Health For Me

Health for me is a new web-based service brought to you by selfcare enthusiasts in Australia with a focus initially on helping to address some basic health needs of those people who are widely considered to be sometimes less capable or at least less interested in selfcare, namely Men!

At Health for Me, here in Australia, we are also ready to listen to your ideas on what products and services you believe we should offer as our journey begins so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

Our first offer is an individually tailored traditional Chinese herbal medicine inspired product individually designed to help address the symptoms of a Cold or a bout of Cold & Flu experienced by Men sometimes referred to as “Man Flu” which can be pretty draining.

Some people believe “Man Flu” is all about exaggerated expressions of suffering due to symptoms of the common cold. We on the other hand want to give men the confidence to live a life so fulfilling that they will be remembered long after they are gone as virile men who always owned the space around them even when they are dealing with a bout of “Man Flu”. The condition known as “Man Flu” also continues to be the subject of ongoing research and reports in some prestigious journals and often in editorials too.

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Man Flu

The new healthcare practitioner-only preparation, is the first individually tailored product in the developing product and services range which can be discovered through Health For Me, now available for Men in Australia and also internationally.

While it can also support some of the common Cold or Cold and Flu symptom needs of women, the formulation is specifically and individually designed with an extra ingredient or two to specifically support men’s health.

Please contact us if you are curious about what Traditional Chinese Medicine may have to offer and to learn more about how to decide whether might be suitable for your health needs. We can confirm suitability for yourself if you wish to organise a consultation with a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and if appropriate have a herbal formula tailored for you in granulated form to be dissolved in boiled water ready to drink.

Check too whether your consultation may be able to be covered by Medicare (in Australia). You can collect it in person or have it sent to you after your consultation as your personal supply of Man Flu TM to ensure you are well prepared to deal with your current bout.

In the event that you would prefer a solution put together by a Western Medicine Practitioner, we can also organise a consultation with one of our Australian Compounding Pharmacists who will be happy to consult with you and see if they can put something fabulous together to deal with your cold or flu that only a man can truly understand and can service your needs across Australia and through most parts of the world. Always read the label and follow directions for use. For Practitioner dispensing only.

These solutions will involve a consultation fee with a TCM Practitioner or an Australian Compounding Pharmacist plus the cost of any treatment they may propose for you which you may choose to purchase directly from them.

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